One's Journey Since High School: A Verbal Testimony

(1 Tim 1:13) . . . I was shown mercy. . . .

Curious about his journey since their high school days, a former classmate of the author of this site asked him to share his story about what it was that led him to pursue the path on which he now treads.

Having received and listened to the author's audio reply the classmate returned,

You went above and beyond in answering my question, and I understand why. Your story is quite moving. In some small ways, it mirrors my least the thoughts at the beginning about "thinking I was saved", but how I never really understood what that meant until I was brought to Christ. There were many more instances where I just found myself nodding my head and softly saying, "yes", such as when you became aware of your hypocritical nature; I could SO relate to that. I also understand how the way you think, speak and act changes once you're truly living a Christian life. You look at EVERYTHING differently, assess life and all your decisions based upon a completely different's amazing and such a blessing.
     I just thank you for taking the time to prepare that testimony and send it to me. You have my permission to use it in any way you like.

With that kind permission, the author's testimony is now available as streaming audio and mp3 download.

Length of testimony is 31:17.

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The author implores checking his testimony against Scripture using the tools of biblical interpretation. Please be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker having no cause or need to be ashamed, handling the word of truth accurately.

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