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Welcome to JAALITS.com

The purpose of JAALITS (an acronym for “joyful and ardent labor in the Scriptures”) is to give worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving to God by postings that aim to be faithful to:

  • the original meaning God intended to convey by His Word
  • legitimate implications emanating from the original meaning
  • proper application of the original meaning or its implications

The desired fruit of this labor is that God would be glorified by means of others getting to know Him as revealed in Scripture and then living accordingly.

My name is Thomas J. Dexter. JAALITS.com is being composed of my learnings in the Word of God,1 but the LORD needs neither my labor in His Word nor my outreach nor even my existence to accomplish His purposes (cf. Ps 50:12; Acts 17:24–25). Yet, it pleases Him to work out His will through human instrumentality (cf. Isa 10:5–15, 13:3–5; Ezek 30:10–12; Acts 19:11; 1 Cor 3:6–7; cf. also Exod 3:10, 12 with Exod 3:8, 17). In view of this unimaginable privilege, may these postings on JAALITS serve as the LORD sees fit.

I entreat that my commentary in every circumstance be checked against Scripture using the tools of biblical interpretation. The Bereans examined the Scriptures every day to see whether the apostle Paul's proclamation of the Word of God was true or not (Acts 17:10–14). Do the same with all that you hear and read on JAALITS.com.

May the triune God open your mind to understand the Bible the way He intends it to be understood (Ps 119:17–19, 27, 73, 124–125; Luke 24:45).


1 New postings are in queue, as it were; a redesigned and responsive JAALITS.com is under development.

© 2008–2024 by Thomas J. Dexter. All rights reserved. Commentary subject to change as the author matures in understanding the Word of God and apprehending its personal significance. Contact at tjd.and.vld@gmail.com.

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